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The beauty of these USB men is the personalisation possibilities available to you. Now your business could have the perfect promotional character to sit quite happily on your desk top all day long. Now you can have your own USB mini man to play with at the office - a little USB man are perfect for holding memos up for your attention. I love this product!

What’s great about a promotional USB man is that they can be moulded into practically any shape. For example if you have a construction business you could design your little USB man to wear a helmet. Or if you have links with the music industry then your little USB lady could be made to wear headphones.

The cute USB man has been on the market for a while, but it’s only until very recently that new designs and options have been released. As well as the standard models which are pictured, there is also a small version which has all the charm of the larger models with fully moveable arms and legs. Other options for your USB man include flat 2D models, as well as models that our made from a softer material so that they are slightly bendy. A personal favourite around the office are the executive versions of the USB man! These guys are made from metal and have a really attractive shimmering look about them - guaranteed to bring a smile to the toughest of CEO’s. A gold USB man makes for a great ego booster!

These little USB men have been difficult to get hold off, especially in the UK until now. They have the full range in stock and memory sizes available are; 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. Give us a call and we will create a visual of a little USB  man free of charge, so you can see exactly what your bespoke USB man will look like. Think how impressive your business’s own USB mascot will look!

USB men are absolutely perfect for sporting teams as there strips can be reproduced. If you’re not looking to create from scratch a USB man’s uniform, then ask us what corporate uniform would best suit your business, and we will draw you up an impressive visual straight away.

On orders of 50 USB men, buyers can choose from one of several standard colours and apply their own logo. A 250 USB man orders can select from a number of predesigned sports, medical or corporate characters. While a bespoke character USB man, is available on an order of more than 500, where we can match the uniform or strip for any client, campaign or event.

One happy customer had this to say about their promotional USB men:

"Very good service and will be defiantly be using this company in the future. Excellent product too."

As with all USB products, we are extremely competetive on price when it comes to USB men so
give us a call for a quote today.

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